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When you realize just how hours per day/week/month you spend at your work, it makes sense to consider taking a few steps to be able to identify the field that you are best suited to do.

When you consider that the average person works nearly 10,000+- hours per year and over 400,000+- hours in their lifetime, it makes sense to consider making a wise choice in your job/career field rather than simply taking whatever is offered at the time you need to make the income.

What are your specific strengths and weaknesses? What are the areas that you need to work on? Are you even aware of them? How can you be sure that the job/career that you have chosen is right for you. Are you working because you simply need the money or are you performing in a passionate pursuit of a life’s work? Are you working at a stagnate job that has no real future earnings or increases possibility? Exactly what are the hottest job vocations out there today?

At The Prosperity Success Institute™, our classes, courses, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one counseling help provide the answers to each of these questions by carefully analyzing your skills and talents and by investigating the opportunities and possibilities that work best for you. In addition, we offer guidance and help for you to be able to build on your unique strengths. We help each of the participants individually with specific areas that they need to improve their cognitive skills and future employment options.

The working world is a highly competitive environment today. Just being a “good worker” is not enough for you to be able to get ahead and get promoted. Today’s working environment requires a host of skills to succeed that were not even available 10-15-20 years ago. We teach those techniques to our participants so that they can succeed in their job/career quest and do it in a way that is easy to understand, makes practical sense, and provides an effective solution to today’s employment challenges.

If you are middle-aged or a senior, we also have the programs and training available that will assist you in becoming more qualified to secure a higher paying and more responsible job and do it through a program of individual and group education that make it possible for you to pursue a new or different job/career in the future. We expose many of the specific talents that employers are looking for today in hiring employees and then teach and train you in being able to become more effective in your job/ career choice.

Employment operates in a completely different set of rules than it was a few years ago. With many companies downsizing, eliminating jobs, cutting positions, and reducing benefits and earnings, it makes sense to keep your skills razor sharp. Even if you are currently employed, we offer training and education that will help keep you competitive in the marketplace and provide the necessary teaching that will elevate you to the top of your job/career field.

We keep the classes smaller so that the proportion of teacher/student is more effective and efficient. Our teaching and training is available to everyone from all backgrounds and career fields. Our #1 job is to see our participants succeed in life and to be able to live up to their potential.

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