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Do you want to create your own future and destiny while being able to call the shots?

Do you want to achieve long-term success using your talents and skills? If so, an entrepreneurial business might be the answer. Many wonder why some people in life become personally and financially independent while others do not. The most successful among us have a carefully conceived and documented perspective of what they want to do with their life and career. They take this into consideration with every decision they make as they progress through their career and their life.

Creating your own business venture is both challenging and engaging but yet not for everyone. However, by applying the right amount of planning and preparation, your own business is still one of the best sources of personal career and income successes available to virtually anyone that has the discipline, commitment, and tenacity to attempt it. Our entrepreneurial education can play a major role in your private business success by introducing you to your unique personal formula for achieving it.

Among the subjects covered in the classes and training include: Embracing the entrepreneurial challenge, taking your idea from planning to preparation, developing key leadership skills, creating an effective business plan, the role of marketing and finance in business, creating key measurements, dealing with competition, and today’s element of women in business. In addition, we cover contractors, agreements, technology, employees incentives, communications, time management, and networking. We also include many aspects of the successfully developed business formula for enterprises that have an established history of operations and include keys to long-term business success achievement, long-term planning within your business, as well as many of the giving back aspects including the art of sharing your success with others.

We provide an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses while working individually with you in your chosen field of entrepreneurial business-building to be enable you to handle the hurdles and challenges that will be faced in your enterprise-building efforts. Also included are many evaluations we prepare to determine your individual level of competence in such areas as: creativity, efficiency, goals, focus, cooperation, team-building, organization, marketing, finance, and offer recommendations for growth steps needed that will improve the existing levels of ability and expertise. We do this through a series of SkillUse® Guidebooks and Workbooks that are custom designed for our entrepreneurial participants.

We recognized that sitting in a classroom or workshop does not, in and of itself, create an ultimate entrepreneurial learning experience education, so we partner with area businesses and provide fieldtrips to establish intern relationships that positively affect the long-range transition from teaching to implementation and through focused perseverance in a chosen field of interest. This becomes the literal litmus test of teaching versus learning in enterprise-building — taking the knowledge and education learned in the classroom and being able to apply it in the marketplace. Your business dreams become a shared responsibility between the presenter and the participant., Your future success is the epicenter of our educational process.

We also offer our personal pledge to your entrepreneurial achievement by committing to your personal business enterprise building. This is done through our formal mission statement which includes:
1) educating responsibly
2) supporting personal ambitions
3) focusing on continuous innovations
4) teaching responsible finances
5) encouraging a giving-back philosophy

We emphasize the need to include each of the elements of family, joy, and happiness into the planning and preparation and not just personal financial gains.

"Starting a business is hard, but don't give up" - An Op-Ed essay by Ryan Olsen - Arizona Republic

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