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What you don't know about how to manage your personal finances could be costing you money.

How much do you really know about money and money management? Have you been victimized by your ignorance about the best use of your financial resources? For many people, personal finance is a limited exercise. It usually involves a paycheck, checking/savings accounts, ATM card, credit and debit cards, insurance coverage, mortgage or rent payments, vehicle loan, a 401-K or IRA, and eventually Social Security. Beyond these specific involvements personal finance and money management becomes a complex and complicated mystery to many people that often are perceived as better left to financial planners, advisors, brokers, or others.

At one time, that process may have been sufficient and enough to get by, but in the post-millennium period there are a lot more aspects to personal finance that need your attention and understanding and, yes, your personal involvement. It requires each of us to use more sophisticated and complicated approaches to the issue of income and spending. While on the surface it may often appear to be complex, detailed, and complicated, the purpose of our instruction is to educate and enlighten each of our participants in the ways and means to master their personal money skills. It enables them to manage their income and personal resources most effectively. This instruction serves as essential education that uses custom-created SkillUse© Guidebooks and Workbooks that are filled with practical exercises, quizzes, and self-examinations so that each participant can be able to monitor how they are progressing with the learning experience.

The Basic Classes does not involve high finance and any applied rocket science. Instead, it contains practical and working plans and formulas for each participant so that they can become better users of that much needed resource known as M-O-N-E-Y. It cover such specific items as creating discretionary income, debt management, developing a sound budget or spending plan, learning negotiating skills in order to achieve the best purchase opportunities, the best use of credit and debit cards, starting an emergency fund, and others.The Intermediate Class contains an assortment of refinancing options, lease versus buy options, big ticket item purchases, college funding and 529 plans, healthcare issues, monitoring your personal indebtedness, mortgage shopping, preparing for retirement, a thorough explanation of compound interest and how it works for and against you, Social Security and Medicare benefits and many other options and considerations.

The Advanced class include various portfolio investing options such as how to work with your existing money advisors, creating additional income streams, formulating advanced retirement planning, selecting second-home purchases, monitoring medical expenses and healthcare funding for yourself and others in your family, wills and estate planning, creating a family trust, charitable giving methods, ideas and suggestions on second career opportunities, maintaining an acceptable level of debt versus equity, and a long list of strategies and techniques.

Each of these three levels can be used to improve your personal finances and money resources in both a short as well as a long-term basis In each of the classes, courses, workshops, and seminars you attend, you will learn many of the practices, techniques, and tools necessary to master your own money management. It covers many of the aspects of personal finance in easy-to-understand learning lessons that are highlighted by an array of nuggets, pearls of wisdom, techniques, and strategies that will continually be defined and explained to you in a unique style of presentation. It will help you navigate the continuing and constantly expanding use of your income, spending, and investing that make up your personal finances.

Welcome to unlocking the mystery of personal financial literacy!

An April 5, 2011 USA Today article, titled "Many Still Don't Have a Grasp On Personal Finance," reports that "...many American families are still in financial distress and lack the financial skills they need to climb out of debt". Click here to read more.

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