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Real estate offers a tremendous opportunity to earn passive income over a lifetime but only if done effectively and correctly.

It is one of the twin engines prosperity building along with a small business enterprise. The key is to be able to purchase these property investments via a personal formula and for a good price which makes the current real estate market such a significant opportunity today and one that will slowly disappear within a few more months. Indeed, the portfolios of the very wealthiest people over the years including each of them contain a healthy element of real estate due to the income and tax advantages of this highly sought-after investment.

There have, indeed, been a number of books written about the subject of real estate investing over the years but our education does not involve only buying it, but specifically how and what to buy and gives you the tools to do it yourself. It provides the fundamental formulas used by all major real estate investors that can be applied to residential homes, multi-family dwellings, strip malls, commercial properties, speculative vacant land investments and even such areas as the highly profitable tax lien certificates. It focuses on each of these aspects of property investments that can significantly build your personal assets and net worth by creating a unique personal investment formula for each one of our participants.

In addition, our education provides ample opportunity to be able to ask personal investing questions and to benefit from group discussions concerning many of the topics, issues, and opportunities surrounding real estate investing in today’s marketplace. This networking alone is a key motivation to experience this investment education. We also provide many of the templates, formulas, scorecards, and measurements in which you can assess your real estate investment options and will give you the necessary information to be able to make your purchase and at the right price.

We cover many of the specific issues involved in property investing today as well as many of the myths and things to avoid in making a well-planned purchase investment and go into the details of each of them in a step-by-step and move-by-move process and make sure that all participants understand how to do it. This is not theoretical investing — this is common sense, practical, and resourceful real estate education that is not available anywhere else.

We show you exactly what to avoid and what opportunities to capitalize on in every area of real estate investing including various categories of investments, financing options, building cash flow, developing a relationship with a lender, when and where to buy and when to say “good bye”, how to analyze a real investment deal, how to make the offer, when to sell, and many other strategic points related to this lucrative field.

Our educators are not merely classroom teachers. They are significant real estate investors themselves and offer the needed insight, strategies, and techniques that will make you glad that you chose this long-term investment option as a part of your investment portfolio. They are motivated to show and explain to each of you exactly how to make a profitable real estate investment and why it makes such good sense today. They are not real estate sellers — they are real estate educations and know the in’s and out’s of the current real estate market and how it can work for you.

You will never be sorry that you attended this series of classes..

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